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Creating Your Masterpiece

The design process is a crucial step in the over-all outcome of a project.  Without analyzing the site and recognizing key elements of landscape architecture before a shovel hits the ground, the end result could be detrimental.  Not only would the immediate product be lacking, but it could also lead to the demise of healthy plants and sound construction in the long-run. 

Factors such as climate, geology, soils, hydrology, existing vegetation, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, views, site limitations, and over-all goals are a few examples of crucial elements to consider when planning a thriving, enjoyable, outdoor living space.

Designing isn’t for everyone.  A good designer needs not only the obvious ability to be creative and visualize his/her thoughts on paper, but also must be able to apply and combine a broad scope of skills to solve difficult situations. 

Comprehensive designing establishes the grounds for a successful project with maximum results.

Selecting a reputable design/build firm is the foundation for making your masterpiece come true.